Monday, July 4, 2011

Disco Diva Party

This party was for a group of 14 year old girls.
Dancing, games, glitter tattoos, feather boas, bath bombs and girly good times!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Once Upon a Fairy Tale Birthday Party....

Getting back to basics....

Oh my goodness! Has it been that long since I last "blogged"?
I have just started following Sugar and Spice Market where we will be appearing on Sunday 5th June as well as The Inspired Occasion.
It is so pleasant to read these lovely blogs, that I thought I should get my act into gear and write something too.
I know I always have plenty of reasons to not of my four kids needing me, doing payroll and businessy things, setting homework tasks for my music students, admin, cleaning, sleeping.....where does my time go?
In the midst of all of this, I am excited to announce BIG changes are coming my way and I hope to see a new generation of Parcel people moving forward with their careers while I take a back burner.
10 years...a fantastic decade.
Stay tuned for more blogs. I promise not to be away too long.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Off to the toy fair!

In 2 weeks we are off to the toy fair again. It sounds like heaps of fun, but it is really a hard slog.
We are keen to investigate new things and are hoping to find a few new suppliers and lines to display in our shop.
In particular we want to get jacks, balance bikes, craft kits for older kids (and boys), new science kits and more transport toys in the eco-friendly range. We will also be updating our tin-toy collection.
So stay tuned for big things happening in March!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pass-the-Parcel: Getting Ready for Christmas.

Pass-the-Parcel: Getting Ready for Christmas.: "Today as I rubbed out '39 days to go' and wrote '38 days to go', it suddenly dawned on me...Christmas 2010 is only 38 days away. As I swept ..."

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas.

Today as I rubbed out "39 days to go" and wrote "38 days to go", it suddenly dawned on me...Christmas 2010 is only 38 days away. As I swept the office nook, I admired the wrapped parcels for Those people who are organised and have layby's already put away ready for that surprise on Christmas Day.

A lovely elderly couple came in and purchased a pop-gun, some tin clickers, a kaleidoscope, pick up sticks and a wind up robot and numerous little bits and bobs for their grand-kids. They were chuckling away as I wrapped all their goodies in red paper with green ribbon and they told me they were meant to be doing Kris Kringle (spelling?) this year but they just had to spoil the grandkids as it was their "job". They were very cute, telling me it was great to see all the toys they had when they were little "come back".  Whenever a customer says this, I always think to myself "but where did they go?"(but I never say it out loud).

Anyway, the phone started ringing around midday and then everything went crazy as people started to panic about getting their Christmas functions booked. Not wanting to have a nervous breakdown on Christmas Day, we have decided to limit our bookings to 10 a week (phew!!) up until Christmas. We already have Christmas Eve booked, then we are off until the 17th January 2011.....but off to where I wonder???

Oh...back to 38 days. I realised I have ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE not to have done my Christmas shopping and have it all wrapped and ready. I own a toy shop so how  hard could it be to find presents?? We have the tree up at the shop, with decorations...LIGHTS & ALL. We have the most gorgeous wrapping paper ever and most of our Christmas stock is in. I have just been on the Facebook page telling people to go to our online store (oh it is just in case you were wondering!).
So what am I doing? Tomorrow I am going to force myself to wrap at least one present for my 4 children, and all of my 10 nieces and nephews. I might even put on the Santa hat while I do it. That's a start.

There is NO WAY I am playing Christmas Carols in the shop. (Well maybe when December hits??)
By the time Christmas comes I might be a little bit "Ba hum bug".